Burnett Shines in Phillies Win

Tuesday night’s game was a nail-biter to the very end, with the Phillies defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in 10 innings with a score of 3-2. 

We all love a great Phillies win, don’t we?! 

Philly newcomer AJ Burnett allowed 2 runs on 6 hits through 6.2 innings, walking only 1. Out of 105 pitches, 66 of them were strikes. Although he allowed 2 runs to tie the game in the 7th inning, fortunately for Burnett, fans were looking at more than just his pitching stat line. 

With the Phillies up to bat in the top of the 3rd inning, AJ Burnett singled on a line drive to Yasiel Pug. Exciting, yes?! Normally I’m happy enough when a pitcher gets a hit at all, but Burnett would soon show fans he wasn’t done at the plate, not at all. In the top of the 5th, Burnett found himself on base again after singling to left fielder Carl Crawford. After heading to second from a hit by Ben Revere, Burnett was sent home when Marlon Byrd doubled, scoring a run for his own cause. 

Burnett went 3-3 on the night, and is now batting .444 in 2014. Yes. The pitcher. I know. Awesome. 

Not to be forgotten, of course, is Domonic Brown, who lifted the Phillies to the 3-2 lead in extra innings, which would ultimately be the final score. Brown doubled in the top of the 10th, sending Carlos Ruiz home after he reached second base on a fielding error by Carl Crawford. 

If there was like a game football to give, I’d give tonight’s to Burnett. 

Also of note: Ben Revere went 4 for 5 at the plate, notching his 8th career 4-hit game. 

And Papelbon didn’t blow the game. 

That’s all for tonight folks, let’s get ready for another one tomorrow! That’s what I love so much about baseball…. a game every day. Glorious.



‘Twas The Night Before Baseball

‘Twas the night before baseball, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The schedules were printed and hung on the fridge

In homes from New York to the Golden Gate Bridge. 


Sports fans were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of October danced in their heads. 

The day was now over, everything was a wrap,

Because once the games started, there’d be no time to nap.


For the next day the lawn would be such a clatter, 

For the day will have come that the games finally matter!

As sleep creeps along and dreams start to flash,

Fans think that they’ll try to not spend too much cash.


The moon on the breast of the freshly cut grass,

The stadium soon will hold students cutting class. 

All all of a sudden, the day will be here, 

No longer will we wait for the players to appear!


Now, Melky! Now, Posey! Now, Kershaw and Lee!

On, Scherzer! On, Trouty, even on, Dillon Gee! 

From the top of the mound to the back of the wall, 

Fans will be wildly cheering for them all!


Caps will be sported, foul balls will fly,

Remember your glove or your friends will ask “WHY?!” 

Hot dogs will be devoured, and even Cracker Jacks, 

The stadiums will be stacked with a plethora of snacks. 


Fans eyes – how they’ll twinkle! Their dimples, how merry!

Smiles so big with cheeks like a cherry. 

For during baseball season it’s hard to be blue,

Unless your teams goes 0-162.


So sleep well, faithful fans, for tomorrow will be bright,

Happy baseball to all, and to all a good night!



The Phillies Dad

Another year, another Phillies season.

On the surface, everything seems normal. The weather is getting nicer, everyone is gearing up for Opening Day, Ruben Amaro Jr. is making horrible decisions… but this year will be very different for me. This is the first baseball season since losing my Dad in January.

I wanted to kick this season off writing about my dad, but I’m finding it harder than I expected. I keep writing, deleting, writing, deleting. In fact, I’ve been writing this same post for over a week. To perfectly put into words what my dad means to me… it’s, well, impossible.

Without him and his love for baseball, this blog wouldn’t exist. The Phillies Girl wouldn’t exist. MY love for baseball wouldn’t exist. And without a doubt, a ton of memories wouldn’t exist. While we grew up going to baseball games as a family, my intense love for baseball developed as I got older. My dad taught me everything I know today, including who to hate, which is obviously the most important part of being a sports fan (looking at you, Scott Rolen). 

During the season, our texts mainly centered around the Phillies…


or just baseball in general.


Baseball wasn’t the only thing that made my dad great, however. You know how kids give their mugs ‘Best Dad in the World’ and ‘#1 Dad!’ coffee mugs? Well, my dad’s coffee mugs were mostly covered in Phillies logos, but he didn’t need a one to tell him that he really was the best dad in the world. He taught me how to love sports, how to gamble, how to vacation like a boss, and that everything in life should be laughed at. So sorry if this sounds biased, but nobody could have ever asked for a better dad.





Not that we needed reminding, but my family and I have been able to re-live what made my dad such a great person over these past few months, and it’s made me incredibly proud of my father. Everyone has a story or special memory that will always remind them of him. It sounds cliche, but it’s true. Everyone has a story (probably hilarious) about Dave, a nickname he never particularly liked, but tolerated 😉 From the post office workers in our town to childhood friends we haven’t seen in years, my dad was able to touch countless people’s lives effortlessly, by just being himself, something that we should all strive to do.


      Image      Image


If you didn’t already know, and haven’t figured it out, my dad was full of personality. His ringtone was California Love, he splurged on concert tickets ranging from Aerosmith (for him) to Britney Spears (for us), and was a pretty kick-ass poker player. He was funny, got giddy about surprises, and never kept his opinions to himself. And while watching baseball without him seems too hard to even think about, if he ever thought I’d miss a game, he’d call me a weenie, tell me to suck it up, and ‘watch some baseball, dammit!’

His love for sports, especially baseball, is his legacy to my family. It’s a special gift that he has given to us, forever to be remembered. He passed the Phillies, what he loved most, onto us, who he loved most. And for that, I will be forever grateful.

No, I won’t be able to text him when the Phillies win (or more likely lose), and that’s going to be really hard. Life will never be the same without him, but as long as we continue to love the things he held so dearly to his heart, he’ll be with us. And aside from giving us baseball, he will be remembered so strongly for so many reasons, like making people laugh, how much he loved his family, and his in-depth knowledge of East/West coast gangster rap.


We love you, Phillies Dad.

Phillies Girl Problems: Hatfield Dollar Dog Night

On Tuesday, the Phillies will play the New York Mets at 7:05 PM EST.

While this is a pretty standard NL East matchup, there is a baseball gem hidden within Tuesday’s game that only those lucky enough to attend Citizen’s Bank Park that night will get to experience.

Enter Phillies Girl problems.

While I love where I live out in Scottsdale, and I must admit, I’m a true West Coast girl, there are certain things about not living near my team that just stink.

And one of those things is missing out Hatfield Dollar Dog Night. The Phillies promotional schedule says it all.

“For the first time this season, enjoy delicious dollar dogs while the Phils take on the Mets as Hatfield Phillies Franks Dollar Dog Night returns!”

Why, yes, I WOULD like to enjoy some delicious dollar hot dogs while watching my most favoritest team in the entire world play my most favoritest sport in the entire world.

But I can’t. Because I live in Arizona.

What’s better than going to a ballgame? Going to a ballgame and enjoying some ballpark food. What’s better than going to a ballgame and enjoying some ballpark food? Going to a ballgame and enjoying some CHEAP ballpark food. Especially these days, when enjoying a sporting event with the family involves dipping into the kids’ college funds (not quite, but almost), you simply cannot beat hot dogs for a dollar.

Mets fans attending Tuesday’s game will probably have a field day (see what I did there).  They’re used to shelling out $6.25 for a single hot dog at Citi Field, the most expensive in all of baseball.

That’s 6 Hatfield Dollar Dogs for less than the price of ONE Citi Field dog. If that’s not a hot (dog) deal, I don’t know what is.

So, phellow phans, if you’re attending the Hatfield Dollar Dog game on Tuesday, or at any point this season, keep The Phillies Girl in mind, and eat a hot dog (or four) for me.

What I wish I was eating on Hatfield Dollar Dog Nights.


What it feels like I’ll be eating on Hatfield Dollar Dog Nights.


What I’ll actually be eating on Hatfield Dollar Dog Nights.


Like I said. Phillies. Girl. Problems.

And They’re Off!

The 2013 MLB season is officially underway, and the Phils have had a less than desirable start. After dropping the first two games of the season to our NL East rivals, Cliff Lee takes on Kris Medlen tonight as the Phillies look to avoid getting swept in the very first series.

Despite a tough first couple games, I’m not giving up on anyone or anything yet. Baseball is a looooong season, and you can’t write anyone off until we’re a few weeks in. Bad games or good, I’m happy to finally get excited again as the clock hits 7:10 each day…. and actually, in my case, it’s 4:10. As usual, I’ll be hunched over my phone at work, keeping up with the score 😉

With Halladay facing his own set of issues on the mound, hopefully Cliff Lee’s first start will be a positive one. I want to see lots of K’s from Cliff and lots of runs from the rest of the Phils.

Remember the good old days....

Come on, boys. Make ’em cry. Let’s do this.

Why We Need Baseball Back

Need I say anything at all?

Probably not, but you know I will anyway.

Almost everyone has seen Tim Lincecum’s new haircut (MA!), and yes, it’s shocking. However, I’m not here to point out that Timmy now looks like 500 Days of Summer Joseph Gordon-Levitt instead of 3rd Rock From the Sun Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I want to point out exactly how high (no pun intended) this development is on MLB.com’s list. Let’s see:



It’s on the FRONT PAGE. Never mind that once King Felix signs his new 7 year, $175 million contract offer, he’ll be highest-paid pitcher in baseball history. No, no, no. Tim Lincecum cut his hair.

What’s next, Ryan Howard’s favorite toppings at Subway? I wonder…

Well, anyway. If this “breaking news” isn’t an indication that we need baseball back in our lives, and ASAP, I don’t know what is.

I’m Back… But For Real This Time

Well, if anyone is a professional at giving you guys false hope… it’s me. 

I’m almost ashamed that I so excitedly announced the return of The Phillies Girl Tells All a couple of months ago, when baseball season ended. However, due to “life” and an oddly timed deep depression that just HAPPENED to start after the World Series parade and that I have a strong feeling will end once pitchers and catchers report, I have failed to post a single blog.

Now that baseball season is about to start, I’ve finally realized what a slacker I’ve been. I wish I could change the past and have written way more in the offseason, but then again, if I could change the past, I wouldn’t waste the opportunity writing blog posts.

I’d prevent Chad Qualls from ever wearing a Phillies uniform. 

BUT WE DON’T NEED TO GO THERE RIGHT NOW. This post is just a really complicated way to let you all know that with the return of baseball, there will DEFINITELY be the return of The Phillies Girl Tells All. I know my Facebook friends are SUPER pumped right now 😉

I’m back, and I’m ready to tell all… but for real this time. 

The Phillies Girl Returns


No, this is not a dream. It’s not a mirage, and you aren’t brainwashed (by me at least).

You’re reading this correctly.


While unable to cover the Fightins in 2012, I just lived a baseball season to remember. I spent the summer in the company with some of my favorite athletes, writers and broadcasters. While the end of the season ended… well, less than favorably, I have to say, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Under normal circumstances, I’d say that taking the season off from Phillies writing would severely depress me. However, I think that actually blogging this season would have done irreversible damage to my precious psyche.

Alas, it’s time to put the past where it belongs: behind us.

With no MLB games this time of year, I pretty much want to fling myself from every building in the vicinity. This winter is blowing a particularly cold wind into Philadelphia, and change is upon the Phillies. No longer the top contender in the division, the NL East has become much stronger and far more competitive.

I won’t beat around the bush. There is no quick fix for the Phillies’ woes of 2012. Add a list of ailing players and the team’s average age of 28.1 years old (one of the collectively oldest groups in MLB today) to the fact that there are more than a couple positions that need to be filled if they want to contend next year. The ever exciting Winter Meetings set to begin the first week of December, Ruben Amaro Jr. and Co. are going to have their work cut out for them before pitchers and catchers report.

There are a lot questions that need to be answered. Who will we see in the outfield? Third base? When is Raul Ibanez coming back? What exactly does Ryan Howard order when he goes to subway? How many alligators will Doc be wrestling in his spare time?

You know… the important stuff.

The World Series trophy has been hoisted, but in my world, baseball never ends. I’m back, counting down the days until Spring Training, and making each non-baseball day a little less painful. Or, attempting to, at least.

That’s right, people. The Phillies Girl has returned, and she’s ready to tell all… again.

The Phillies Girl Says Goodbye… For Now

Hello friends and baseball lovers. This is a bittersweet moment for me, in which I announce that The Phillies Girl Tells All is being placed on hold, possibly for good. Many if not most of you know that I’m starting a new journey, one that until now, I could have only ever DREAMED of.

And for my last Phillies Girl post, I’m going to talk about how excited I am for baseball, and tell you why you should be too.

In two days, Spring Training is going to be in full swing (Ha, already with the puns). Normally, this is exciting.


Something about this year, however, is going to be extra special. When the 2011 season ended, I had no solid plan for my post college life. Yet who knew that mere weeks later, I’d be staring out at an empty field, waiting for an interview to work with a Major League Baseball team.

Who knew that I’d actually land it.

Fast forward two months. I’ve moved to a new city, where hundreds of players just HAPPEN to flock each Spring (total coincidence, right?) to go back to work, back to baseball. It’s almost like you can feel the buzz here, something in the air just changes.

Like the weather, Spring Training is a transition, preparing baseball players and lovers alike for a new season. The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and we trade our sweatshirts and long T’s for cutoffs and shirseys. This month long baseball frenzy brings so much hope and excitement, so many possibilities. What happened last year, it happened last year. Each team starts their journey to either climb their way to the top or fight to stay above the rest.

And before we know it, 2012 Opening Day will be here.

Nothing makes my heart race like seeing a baseball diamond, smelling the freshly cut grass (then sneezing because I’m allergic), and breaking out the new team paraphanalia. How baseball as a whole is losing fans, I’ll never understand. So, it’s not football, or hockey. Less contact… less fighting, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting.

If you only take one thing away from reading my blog, let it be this.

Loving baseball is more than just about loving the sport. It’s about loving summer, being happy, being free.

Everyone gets a little tanner, stays out a little later, laughs a little harder. Now you TELL me that baseball isn’t a huge part of what makes summer so great. Just try.

No. You can’t.

At first, I thought The Phillies Girl Tells All was a destination for my writing, when really, it was just the jumping off point to hopefully follow my dreams (getting mushy here). Baseball will forever remain number 1 in my heart, and while my blog may be going on hiatus, I won’t soon forget it, or you all for reading it.

Saying goodbye isn’t always bad. I’m proud of the fact that I’m moving on to bigger and better things, and I know that The Phillies Girl will live on as long as baseball continues to return to me, year after year.

Thanks, everyone. 

Go summer.

Go fun.

Go baseball.

This post is dedicated to my grandmother, who loved the Phillies ❤

I Love Spring Training

Feburary 12th. Does this date have a significant meaning, other than it was one of your last chances to buy your sweetie a gift for Valentine’s Day? No? WELL IT SHOULD

Sunday was Phillies Truck Day, when the team packs up and escapes the frigid North East winter to sunny Florida for the duration of Spring Training. Not often do images of cranes and taped up cardboard boxes excite me to any extent, but Truck Day is special.

To make it easier to understand for any non-baseball fans (which would confuse me as to why you are reading this), Truck Day is like the Thanksgiving of baseball. Besides Turkey Day, when we eat more food than anyone ever should, Thanksgiving and Truck Day are similar in that they both kick off a season that for the most part involves much joy, however someone always ends up crying because things didn’t go go their way.

I digress.

For the record, baseball season > holiday season. Yup. I said it.

Let’s take a look at SOME of what the team brought to training in their 53 foot truck to Bright House Field in Clearwater, shall we?

15,000 baseballs

2,000 T-shirts

1,500 bats

600 pairs of pants 

600 hats

350 pairs of shorts

300 helmets

150 pairs of batting gloves 

15 cases of gum

12 cases of sunflower seeds

1 kick ass team (I had to)

Keep in mind this is sans any personal items from the players. And I thought I packed a lot… 

By the way, is it any coincidence that Valentine’s Day is the same week that pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training?

Answer: NO.

I’ll tell you why I love Spring Training so much, and why you should too. Loving baseball is about more than just loving the sport. It’s a symbol of summer, of longer days and warmer nights. No school, no jackets, no worries, no problems. It’s about being happy, being free. And Spring Training is where it all starts.

Kinda poetic, isn’t it?

So on this Valentine’s Day, if the most exciting thing you have planned is buying discounted candy on the 15th, remember that you’re not alone.  

Baseball is back.