The Phillies Girl Is Thankful For You

So this post isn’t really about baseball. It may not even be about sports at all, but since it’s Thanksgiving, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for a post I’ve been wanting to write for quite a while now. Today I want to thank everyone for helping bring The Phillies Girl to life. Adorable, right?

When I started this blog, I wasn’t really sure what, if anything, would come of it. The only thing I was sure about was the fact that I needed an outlet to talk about baseball and the Phillies as much as I wanted to without my friends hating me and avoiding me at all costs. And deleting me on Facebook. Clearly the most important reason.

I’ll start with Facebook, where The Phillies Girl was born. I can probably count on less than one hand how many of my actual friends are Phillies fans, which is why I’m so happy knowing many of you read my blog. Even some Giants fans… yup, I’m talking about you, but it’s ok, I won’t tell anyone. Yeah, the site stats that MLB provides me are a LITTLE creepy, telling me how many people view my posts from Facebook, but whatever. That’s what it’s all about anyway, isn’t it… stalking? No? Just me?


This will not be me on Thanksgiving.

Well anyway, moving on to Twitter, where The Phillies Girl is being raised and will one day own a condo (penthouse, of course). I can’t say enough thanks to my tweeps (yeah I said tweeps, don’t judge me), mostly East Coasters and Philly fans. You’ve added me to your blog rolls, sent my posts to your friends, subscribed to The Phillies Girl Tells All… you truly appreciate what The Phillies Girl has to say.

This will be.

About baseball at least. The rest of the time you’re mostly making fun of me, but it’s ok. You know who you are…

And this. But, you know, as a girl. And I don't look quite as sexy as Doc when lounging on couches. I can try, but it won't happen.

Writing is the best way to talk without getting interrupted, and if you know me at all, you know I have a lot to say. About everything. All the time. Even in my sleep. And I don’t even think I need to mention that I love the Phillies. It would be like saying how Albert Pujols is like, sort of good at baseball. Understatement of the history of Time itself.

Combing my passion for both and knowing people want to read what I have to say (because obviously you’re reading this right now) is what keeps me going. There’s no greater feeling than when people ask me for a series preview or tell me how hard they laughed at some random post about the Mets being the worst team on Earth.

Speaking of which, just like the President saves a turkey every year, I’m following through with that crisis hotline for baseball’s lesser NY fans who have realized that their team is going to be screwed without Jose Reyes.

So, yes, this Thanksgiving, The Phillies Girl is thankful for you. If you’re my best friend, part of my family, someone I haven’t spoken to since middle school or have never even met, I just want you to know I appreciate the time you take when you read my writing.

Thanks 🙂


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