Phils Meet Fish for Double-Header Make-Up

Returning home for a  two-game make-up due to Hurricane Irene, The Phillies took on the Fish on Thursday for a double-header in rainy Philadelphia.

Rain again? Seriously…. Seriously. Rain cannot defeat the Phillies. In fact, nobody can. BAM. 

The Phils took the early lead in the 1st inning. Hunter Pence drove Placido Polanco in from 2nd after a balk by Marlins pitcher . Raul Ibanez then doubled to right, sending Pence home. He now has 10 conescutive years of 30 doubles or more.

The only other active player in the majors that has attained this is Albert Pujol’s of the St. Louis Cardinals. A feat like this is a perfect way to highlight a player’s consistency throughout the years. Say what you want about Raul getting older, not hitting, whatever, but the numbers don’t lie.


In a weird and awesome run for Kendrick, the spot starter had a perfect game going on until the 5th inning when Logan Morrison broke it up with a home run blast. How insane would it have been if Kyle Kendrick was the Phillie to get a nono this season? A guy who isn’t even in the regular starting rotation? We’re just that good. 

In the bottom of the 7th, the Phillies found themselves with the bases loaded and Polly up to bat. He was walked, giving the Fightins a 3-1 lead and bringing Hunter Pence to the plate, who grounded out to end the inning.

By the 8th inning, the wind was creating quite literally a stir at the stadium. I love when it’s all cold and windy and rainy…. and I live in San Diego why again??

A hit off Brad Lidge in the 8th sent Omar Infante flying around the bases, but in a dazzling play was thrown out by, guess who…. none other than Raul. After loading the bases, Lights of Lidge reared his head and struck out the side with a slider.

Michael Stutes and Brad Lidge’s combined efforts through 3 innings allowed zero runs and kept the score to a lowly 1 run for the Fish.

The Phils once again found themselves in a bases loaded opportunity in the bottom of the 8th thanks to a single with Carlos Ruiz’s plate appearance. Once again, it failed to produce any runs.

Ryan Madson took to the mound in the 9th. He had 30 saves in 32 opportunities. Ending the game, he now has 31.

Game 2 starts in, um, less than 2 hours. See you soon phans!!! THE MAGIC NUMBER IS 3!!!


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