How Sweep It is….

We DEMOLISHED Atlanta. And damn did that feel good.

The Phillies played a pivotal series against the Braves this week. While it may not seem too big of a deal when you look at the numbers, I’m looking beyond September and into October when it comes to these rivals. While a Dbacks/Phillies and Brewers/Braves series seems likely at this point, the Phils could very well end up facing Atlanta in the NLCS. Nobody can really deny Atlanta’s youth and power, so knowing that we have what it takes to conquer them HARD makes me feel just that much better about the postseason.

Roy Oswalt started against baby Brandon Beachy, and let’s just say, if there was any doubt about him being the 4th starter, let it dissipate now. His no-hit bid through the 6th inning was the best start he’s had all year, hands down, in my opinion. And probably yours.

Ibanez homered early, but the Braves eventually managed to obtain a 2-1 lead over the Fightins. It was the first time that the Braves had a lead against them in, what was it, 25 or so innings?

In the 8th, Placido Polanco brought hope back with a game-tying RBI single, sending John Mayberry Jr. home for Jonny Venters’ third blown save in 75 appearances.

Pinch-hitter Ross Gload blasted the winning RBI up the first-base line in the bottom of the 9th inning for the 3-2 win. Before tonight’s game he was only 2 for his last 18 at-bats.

You couldn’t have WRITTEN it better.

Getting the win doesn’t mean this wasn’t a tough game to watch. In 6 innings, the only hit of the game was Raul Ibanez’s solo homer. After the umps actually made a good call (you know what I’m talking about) Jason Heyward missed a catch in the 6th for an out, Eric O’Flaherty clearly retaliated (because every toss afterwards was just fine) for the Braves by nailing Chase Utley in the head with a 91 MPH pitch. So disoriented he didn’t even know where he was hit, Utley was taken out of the game. Screw you Atlanta. Ps Fredi Gonzalez was booted. Thanks 🙂

Update: Chase Utley was left behind when the team left Philadelphia late Wednesday night for Milwaukee where doctors will evaluate him for a concussion.

The magic number is 12 to win the division and 5 to clinch a playoff berth. The guys have 91 wins under their belt which puts them 43 games over .500, continuing to make franchise history. I’d like to see Wilson Valdez take Utley’s spot in Milwaukee because although he isn’t the best hitter, he’s a freaking awesome infielder. Plus who knows, we may need an emergency pitcher 😉

Unbeatable Bullpen? Kimbrel? Freeman? Puh-lease. We are the Phillies.


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