Phillies Fall to Giants, Series Win Streak Ends

Just another series? Not quite.

This Giants and Phillies matchup has been long awaited by many, and this week the teams finally had a chance to pick up where they left off from the 2010 NLCS.


Anyone who watched Tuesday’s game knows that Worley is a VANIMAL. He is now 7-1 and only allowed 3 hits against the World Champions on Tuesday night. When Oswalt returns from his rehab assignment, I think the Phillies rotation is going to be even more explosive than had been expected before the season started. And we thought it couldn’t get any better.

The offense made themselves known as well. Between John Mayberry’s 3 run homer and Ryan Howard’s solo shot to the stands, the crowd was roaring. While it was exciting in and of itself, the cherry on top of the game came in the form of Chase Utley and an inside-the-park home run. There was nothing better than seeing Chase fly around those bases. His stride was amazing, and there was no sign of lingering pain in his knee. The Phils defeated the Giants 7-2. While to the players it was just another game, to the fans of Philadelphia, it was a lot more. What’s up Zito?

Wednesday’s game found the Giants with the win, 2-1 over the Phillies. The day brought about a pitcher’s duel, not surprising in the fact that the Giants’ pitcher Matt Cain (9-6) was facing Cole Hamels (12-5).  Cain only allowed one unearned run in the 8th after pitching 7 shutout innings before he was pulled due Eli Whiteside’s interference resulting in an error.

Today’s  series finale finally produced Kyle Kendrick, and ace Tim Lincecum, who’s start was pushed back two days due to what is now being reported as possible food poinsoning. Too much Five Guys, Timmy? I say Five Guys because the East Coast has not discovered the wonder and amazingness that is In-N-Out. Freaks.

But the major difference in today’s game was seeing division foe Carlos Beltran in a Giants uniform. Yeah, I may have joined the fans at CBP and booed at my computer. He may be a Giant today, but he was a Met yesterday! Ew.

SF took the lead early in the game by 2 runs. The Phillies remained scoreless until the 7th inning when Chase Utley doubled on a line drive to left fielder Nate Schierholtz, driving in Carlos Ruiz for an unearned run. A bad throw from Michael Martinez at third to Howard drove in two more runs for the Giants.

While Brad Lidge, Michael Stutes and David Herndon prevented any more runs throughout the game, the damage had been done. The Giants defeated the Phillies 4-1, ending their series win streak.

Besides the emotional importance (for me) behind the series, it’s been an interesting one to watch. Although the Giants took the series,  it was definitely not a blowout. The Giants and the Phillies are similar teams with star pitching rotations and weak offenses. Nobody scored a lot of runs, and as usual, it came down to pitching. While the Phils still have the best record in the NL East, National League, and baseball, I’m not happy.

Strange how this is the first time the Phils and the Giants have faced each other this season, and in a mere week will be playing again. I’m happy to say I will not be in attendance in San Francisco. Too many faux girlfans… there’s a possibility I’d end up being dragged out by security.

KIDDING. Maybe. Sort of. As always, more to come from The Phillies Girl.


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