Giants-Phillies Rematch Arrives… Finally

Everyone who knows me knows I’ve been waiting for this day… for a long time. In fact, I’ve been waiting for over 9 months. And so has the city of Philadelphia.

It’s the first time the reigning World Champion San Francisco Giants and the Phillies will play each other since Game 6 of the NLCS last year. The now legendary moment in which Ryan Howard watched as a called third strike thrown by closer Brian Wilson ended the game still makes me cringe. And make me want to break something. Or a lot of things.

While the fans of both teams are hyped up more than ever for this series that has been a long time coming, the players are staying cool and collected. At least, they are in interviews. In an interview, Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy acknowledged the fact that this series has an added interest, but there’s still plenty of ball left until the post-season. Ryan Howard is also leaving 2010 in 2010 and focusing on the games at hand.

Props to the fact that both teams are keeping it classy. I mean, I know it’s their job to not get caught up in any budding rivalry, but they’re both focused on their own divisional wins, and not much else. Before tonight’s series opener at Citizen’s Bank Park, the Giants are sitting 4 games in front of the 2nd place Arizona Diamondbacks. The Phightins are 6 games up on the Atlanta Braves. While both may seem like comfortable leads, every game counts now, and both teams feel the heat.

While I’m trying to be a better objective sports fan, I’m not going to lie at how excited I am for the famous fans of Philadelphia to narrate this game. I can only imagine the jeers at Timmy’s long locks and Cody Ross The Troll. Sorry, that’s just me. I can’t help myself all the time. I’m actually a little scared for the moment Brian Wilson takes the field. I think I’ll be able to hear the boos all the way in San Diego. Ah, Philly fans. One of a kind.

I know the Phillies can’t ALWAYS win. And I really don’t think I would hate the Giants so much if everyone I know wasn’t a Giants fan. In fact, it pains me to say it, but the Giants were my team for a long time. Most of my life has been spent in California, either in San Francisco, Sacramento or San Diego, so there ya go. Try imagining your team losing to the dark horse of the post-season, then having hundreds of your friends throw it in your face. I had to leave Facebook for a few days. I refer to them as the Dark Times.

The Phil’s phenom Vance Worley is starting off the series against Giants’ ace and past Cy Young Award Winner Tim Lincecum. Both teams have fantastic pitching and are struggling with offense. The similarities between the teams should produce a great series, no matter what happens.

Ha. FALSE. I want to embarrass the Giants so hard they all hide out in Brian Wilson’s beard. You know they’ll all fit. I wish I was nowhere else today than at CBP with my fellow phans and a beer. Or four. But MLB Network will have to do I suppose.

While Cliff Lee insists that the memory of being defeated by the Giants in the World Series doesn’t haunt him, it haunts us. It’s redemption day. Or… days, I guess.


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